Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Came I Saw I Trumped !!

From Rae Sremmurd to YG, to Asher Roth or is it Mike Posner? … Anyway, Donald Trump is one guy who been rapped and sung about quite a lot of times.
Personally, Donald Trump Snr is a role model to me. I like how he is so bold, determined, and frank. He is also very hardworking and that’s why this guy is just amazing.
I first heard about Donald trump from the movie “Home Alone”. As I continued to hear about this guy I grew more and more curious and then one day, when I was in high school, I stumbled upon a book he wrote – The Art of Deal.  The book gave me insight into the mind of this once-in-a-life-time guy.  From that point on wards he became a role model.

Now that my role model is about to become #POTUS I thought of making a beat for him . The beat is titled “Trumpin” and  it will drop on the 20th of January at 18 00 CAT. Trumpin’ will be available from audiomack and soundcloud. Trumpin’ is about being bold  and never giving up!

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