Friday, June 10, 2016

Simple Tips On How To Make Trap Beats

Trap is a sub-genre of hip hop that has gained popularity in recent years , it is genre that is said to have originated from the TR – 808 synthesizer , from which its signature 808 bass is sourced from. Some of the biggest trap songs include Cassper Nyovest's Doc Shebeleza , T. I 's Top Back ,  and  Beyonce's Drunk In Love ..and most recent Desiigner's Panda .
Lex Luger , Mike Will, Zaytoven , Metro Boomin  and  Ganja Beatz are one of the most prominent producers of trap music.
Basically trap is around 130 to 165 beats per minute but it can also go as low as 80 bpm .
808s are one prominent part of trap , almost all trap beats feature 808 kicks , 808 bass , and 808 hats .When you are making a trap beat it is important that you first program your kicks , claps and hats first .After that you may add strings , synths , etc.
Then the next step is adding your 808 bass.If you are using FL studio , do click on the channel and in channel settings , reduce the attack and release of the 808 bass from the ADSR envelope. Doing so will keep your bass clean . Other producers like to play their 808 bass from the sharp notes , however I personally like to just match it to the notes of the strings or synths of entire track .
Adding some  vocal samples spices up your track . One of the most sampled (and almost abused lol :) ) vocal samples is the "hi vocal sample " ...ever since Lex Luger used it on Rick Ross' Blowin Money Fast its been on so many tracks its hard to count .

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