Friday, June 3, 2016

3...2...1.....Lift OFF !!

There comes a time when the sun has to go up,
a time when the eagle has to fly higher,
A time when we have to reach for the stars !

Last year , when I was very much of an amateur and still learning how to mix beats in Fruity Loops , I happened to encounter a paradigm shift .
I met a friend who introduced me to Mr Champs from 260 Africa . Mr Champs pretty much taught me most of the things  I know about mixing and sound synthesis .
After the enlightening experience with Mr Champs , my beats slowly started to improve.
At the time I was working on a trap  beat I called Apollo which I just re-uploaded this evening  here .
Apollo marked my transition from amateur to intermediate , and hence the idea of Apollo was about changing levels , attaining new heights and reaching for gold !

Next week I'll do an article on how to make trap beats . Sign up to my email to stay updated !!

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