Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Create Magical Captivating Songs

Ever heard a song that sends shivers down your spine and has you nodding your head and  pumping your fist in the air ? And you just can't get enough of it ?
Every time you hear it is like the first time and no matter how much you play the song it still captures your body , mind and soul .

Well , here are a few tips to help you turn your tracks into magical , phenomenal and captivating pieces  of music.

1. Let The Energy In Your Song Build Up To The Chorus.
Everything in your track should always build up to the chorus . The chorus is the focal point of your track , let it be full of energy...let it be audiogasmic ! One of the ways you can make your chorus more energetic is by giving one of the instruments in the chorus a certain melody or adding more instruments to it than any other part, listen to Eiffel 65's classic hit Am Blue or Zone Fam's award winning Translate. However, too many instruments create noise and make it hard for your listeners to enjoy your music , so don't add too many instruments. 

2. Have Captivating Intros
The intro is the first thing your fans here , so make  the first 10 to 15 seconds so captivating your listeners will have no choice but listen to the whole track  . It is also important to not let your intro go for than 30 seconds.   

3. Pan Your Instruments
Panning your instruments creates "space" in your track and allows your audience to pay more attention to the instruments in your track.
Let some of your instruments come out from the left , center, right or both left and right . However it is good practice to pan to the  opposite instruments that occupy the same frequency band , for example a piano and a guitar ; you pan the guitar to the left and the piano to the right . Kicks, snares and basses are usually panned center.

4. FX Are The Spice To Your Track
Effects are like spice , they bring the track to life. Adding a low pass to high pass filter  effect on the bridge helps to create anticipation for your chorus . Adding reverb and delay creates depth and gives your listeners a perception of the relative distance of the instruments. However, just like the way adding too much salt spoils the food , adding too many effects or too much of one  effect will spoil your track ; it will make it hard for your fans to pay attention . So use them sparingly.

5. Build Simple But Catchy Melody's
Simple and catchy melodies  make a track easy to follow and remember. You probably remember the melody to Kid Ink's and Chris Brown's Show Me or AKA's  All Eyes On Me.

6. Play Around With The Rhythm And The Drums.
For your track to be memorable it has to be unique in someway . Other producer's use different drums for the chorus or extro, others create different rhythms for the bridge , verse or chorus. For example , Slap Dee's Somone has a different rhythm for the chorus and verse , Jay Z and Kanye West's Paris also has a different rhythm , kick and snare   for the extro. You can check out my beat here  for a demo and pay attention to how the rhythm changes for the verse at the 1:30 mark. Changing rhythms and drums keeps your track from being monotonous and boring , but do it carefully , the transition from one rhythm to another should not be sudden let it be smooth.

7. Carefully Craft Your Lyrics.
This is particularly important if you are a songwriter.
Sing or rap about something your fans can easily relate to, sing about something that easily captures there emotions or something trending at the moment. And also sing words that are easy to pronounce . There's no point in singing a song people can't relate too or a song whose words they can't pronounce . Another thing you can do is to no give your words a feeling as they leave your mouth, otherwise they will be plain . Listen to Shenky's Kontamako or Beyonce's Formation and notice how they sing about things most of us can relate to, also notice how they give the words emotion as they leave their mouths and reach your ears !

There are many ways to create a captivating track and sometimes you just have to be unique , (check out this post about the 5 ways you can have a unique sound).  Listening to many hit songs  will help you to discover the art of creating exciting master pieces. For any questions or clarification, please post them in the comments.

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