Thursday, May 19, 2016

How Come Ifwe Lyonse Ni Wala Wala!! - The Story Behind The Chef 187 Wala Wala Instrumental Remake.

My life has not been so pretty, though it has its own shining moments.
Generally speaking, I have always been a "good kid" ever since child hood. I have always played by the rules of my society, obeying my parents, going to church, reading the bible and working hard at school. I have tried by all means never to be associated with bad company. As a result I became I model kid in my neighbourhood and school ; actually even up to now my former primary and junior school teachers still tell their pupils about me (my younger brother who goes to my former school told me so ) .
Despite me being a good person and quite prayerful their moments when no matter how much I work or pray things just keep going from bad to worse , as if not being accommodated at UNZA is not enough am now also struggling with my government student loan , as result I now owe the school K20,000 :( ....its a depressing situation ....  The other thing is that nowadays society just doesn't value good people any more ( I learnt this in high school when I was called a snitch was traumatising ) seems to accept people that either drink too much , are thugs , or F-boys . Anyway when I heard Chef 187's  Wala Wala and Fashion , I felt a deeper connection to the songs it was like he was rapping about my life being a beat maker I felt like doing a remake of Wala Wala which is available here :

You can also listen to Snitch  here

Let me know what you think of the two beats! :)
See you soon!

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