Sunday, May 22, 2016


Every chef has her or his own style of cooking , if you give chef A to prepare  scrambled eggs he/she will probably prepare them differently from chef B . Because chef A maybe adds a little powdered curry while chef B adds some garlic or uses little or no oil at all  .
What am trying to say here is that just as chefs and painters have their own distinct style , as a producer you also  need to have a sound that differentiates you from the others , a sound that is truly yours , your signature sound .
Even without hearing the voice-tag you know it is a Dj Mustard , Mike Will, Tonny Breezy or Dice beat because of their respective signature sounds . 
So how do you make your own sound ?

1. Learn Sound Synthesis.
This is the key to making your own signature sound. Learn the LFO(Low Frequency Oscillator) , the filters , the ADSR envelope (Attack , Delay, Sustain and Release), and the different wave forms ( Sine , Saw , Square , Triangle) and how to manipulate them to come up with new sounds .

2 . Learn music scales .
Learning music scales expands your horizons , it enables you to put your notes in infinite creative ways 
3. Stop Sampling Other Peoples Work !
But how come everybody is doing it ? The thing is if you choose to sample you reduce and limit your creativity, it may be interesting to sample Kanye West's Power intro ...but your audience have probably heard that before and they will not give you juice for that . You need to understand that the music industry thrives on newness , so come up with something new. But if you choose to sample do something totally creative with the sample that will blow the world !

 4. Presets Are Start Points Not End Points.
Learn how to edit your sound presets . For example, open the Sytrus plug-in  in FL and select the chasse preset , now slowly adjust the FX knob in the matrix . You'll notice that the delay reduces . If you turn on other knobs and apply some effects and filters you end up with something new.

Check out Give It To Me ; where I used my own knowledge of sound synthesis to come up with the arpeggiated saw and pad .click  here .

5. Never Give Up
It might take you a week or more to learn but never give up, continue to learn more music production techniques , that is how you make your own signature sound .
If you have any questions please post them in the comments .

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